Air purification system

The COVID-19 pandemic still has an uncertain ending, but we are positive that immediate measures are needed for the current moment and the post pandemic. Public indoor spaces like banks, supermarkets, health centers, airports, public and private offices need to implement air purification mechanisms to minimize the risks of contagion.

LPGE Air, our energy optimization system, has the ability to renew the air by utilizing existing central air conditioning systems. With a minimal investment, within a few days and without the need for construction work, LPGE Air adds to this infrastructure the air renewal functionality.

The European standards (UNE-EN13779, DIN –EN 16798-3) define four categories of indoor air quality IDA (Indoor Air), depending on the number of times per hour that air is renewed in an environment. LPGE Air automates air renewal from central air conditioning devices.

1 OPTIMO It is required in highly sensitive purpose buildings, such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories and kindergartens. 15 a 20
2 BUENO Offices, hotel rooms and the like, residences for the elderly and students, reading rooms, libraries, museums, court rooms, schools and classrooms 10 a 12
3 MEDIO Commercial buildings, cafes, bars 4 a 8
4 BAJO Low quality air  

LPGE Air not only allows you to renew indoor air, but has the additional advantage of reducing energy costs as well. With a 20-year lifespan, investment gets paid back in two years thanks to savings in electricity.


  • Optimiza capacidad de recambio de aire del sistema
  • Ahorros energéticos
  • Implementación inmediata
  • Menor inversión que filtros MPR
  • Mantenimiento mínimo
  • Gestión remota mediante aplicación celular

The implementation and maintenance of LPGE Air for air renewal has a lower cost than MPR filter systems and the advantage of generating savings in electricity


  • Fuhrmann S.A. LPGE Air system implemented in the lobby and administrative areas of the company.

  • Private condominium
    18151 Northeast 31 st Court, Aventura, Florida 33160, USA.

  • PAMI - Headquarters, 4 floors with an area of 6,000 m2. (Start date postponed due to pandemic)

Ruta 25, Chacra 73, Lote 4A
9103 Rawson, Chubut, Argentina

PAMI cede central
Av. Corrientes 665
1043, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Beneficence promo

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, through this initiative LPGE commits to donate 50% of the value of any product or service contracted between May 15 to August 1, 2020, in projects to implement LPGE Air systems in public health institutions that require it.

To obtain information about the solidarity promotion, send your request by clicking on the following link

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