Average CO2 concentration outdoors is 400 parts per million (ppm).

When this concentration reaches 800 ppm, the air becomes prone to contagion, and exceeding 1200 ppm is considered dangerous.

Air renewal in offices has the additional advantage of increasing employee productivity, as demonstrated by a 2016 Harvard study, which observed an 18% drop in the performance of people working under CO2 concentrations of 900 ppm, or up to 42% for 1400ppm. The same conclusions can be extended to universities and schools.

CO2 impact over productivity


2016 Exposure, Epidemiology, and Risk Program,
Department of Environmental Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"Sharing indoor spaces without good air circulation and being close to infected people is a good way to spread Covid-19," says epidemiologist Emily Gurley of Johns Hopkins University.

  • Our equipment automates air renewal in indoor environments.
  • We do this by meassuring CO2 concentration (which we exhale when we breathe and is proportional to the number of people).
  • Installation takes one day when AA equipment is already in use.
  • We comply with European standards (UNE-EN13779, DIN –EN 16798-3)


  • Optimizes the air exchange capacity of the system
  • Energy savings
  • Immediate implementation
  • Remote management via mobile, tablet, or PC application

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The implementation and maintenance of LPGE Air for air renewal has a lower cost than MPR filter systems and the advantage of generating savings in electricity